Before the trip

Get ready for an unforgettable journey

Welcome to our small online store!

In this space you will be able to purchase some items from Caminos de Sefarad, for those who plan a trip to Sepharad and also for our remote followers.

Online Spanish Jewish History courses, paper tourist guides, the books published by Red de Juderías de España, a package of products with our Caminos de Sefarad logo and even a beautiful souvenir with the unique branding of our routes.

This is how we present it, as five steps before the trip.

1 Know
the history

If you are about to begin a journey through a hidden and forgotten history, you must know the story to understand what you will encounter along the way. Access to our online course Jewish History of Spain.

20,00€ + Add
2 Get the basics

You can't miss the Passport of Sefarad and get the stamp at each stage. It will come with the Caminos de Sefarad backpack and some objects for the trip. Notebook, Water Bottle, the Key of Sepharad and more.

20,00€ + Add
3 Decide
your route

All our routes have a paper tourist guide. Get the ones you need or ask for all of them. The best way to discover on your own and remember what you saw.

4 Read on
the road

There is no good trip without a good book. We suggest our publications Sabores de Sefarad and Ciudades de Sefarad

5 Return with
your souvenir

A souvenir. A precious tile with the mark you will find every step of the way.

21,00€ + Add