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Tui Jewish Guided Tour

Stage 1

We propose an adventure through the winding medieval streets of Tui, passing by the Jewish Tower, the place occupied by the old synagogue and the Jewish butcher shop of Tui, as well as the House of Moses and Aaron.

We will talk about the persecution carried out by the Spanish Inquisition on Jewish convert families from Tui and the sentences of sambenitos. Did you know that Tui has the best collection of sambenitos in all of Europe? Many of them linked to the Coronel family, one of the richest and most powerful families in Tui in the 17th century whose shield is still preserved in the cloister of the cathedral, a few meters from a stone engraving that represents a menorah.

This guided tour is carried out for groups throughout the year and in the summer months (July 15-September 4) we organize 2 daily shifts every day except Thursdays.

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