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Outstanding Experiences

The Gothic Tour Barcelona I

Stage 9

Experience 1: Gothic Tour I (2-2.30 h)

Delve into the fascinating history of the Catalan Jews as we stroll through the old Jewish quarter, the Call. We will explore Jewish life in the Barcelona aljama, local traditions and social relationships. You'll meet the poet Moshe Natan, the merchant Massot Avengena, Rabbi Solomon Adret, the significance of the attacks of 1391 and more, all in the charming streets of the Gothic Quarter. You will also gain exclusive access to Casa Adret, an architectural gem and one of the few remaining physical vestiges of medieval Jewish life in the city and hear more about Barcelona's Jewish community today and the projects happening in this community space.

To end this tour, we invite you to join us for a refreshing drink on Casa Adret's rooftop terrace, be it cold water, a cup of tea or a glass of local Vermouth, where you can enjoy incredible views of the city.

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